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  Hi! My name is Cory!  Its my job to help you learn about court.  Id like to hear what you think of my web site and if it taught you about court.

Please talk to a grown up about this survey with you before you answer the questions.

We would like to know what you think of Cory's website so we can make sure it is helpful to other kids.  Please make sure you check with a grownup and get permission before you send us this survey.  We do not need you to include your name, e-mail address or other personal information.  Your privacy is important to us.

Tell Cory about yourself.
  1a.  I am a Boy Girl
  1b.  I'm  
  2.  I live in     
  3. Did someone help you during your visit to this web site? Yes No
  4. Who was your helper?  
Tell Cory what you think about this web site.
    Yes   Sort of   Not really  
  1.  Did you like the web site?
  2.  Did the site teach you about court?
  3.  Did you like reading the storybooks?
  4.  Did you find the stories easy to understand?
  5.  Did you like the pictures?
  6.  Was it easy to move around on the web site?
  7.  Would you tell your friends to visit this web site?
Do you have any suggestions or comments for Cory?
  1.  What did you like the most?

  2.  Was there anything you didn't like?

  3.  Is there anything you think we should add or change?

  4.  Comments from grownups.

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