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BOOST wishes to thank Atsolve Inc. for their amazing creativity, dedication and many hours of hard work in designing and creating this web site.  Not only do we have an awesome web site for children to learn about court but we also learned a lot from the team as we worked together on the project.  Special thanks to Elanthiryan Sivapathasundaram, Sirisenthuran Sivananthan and Russell Bronson.

We want to thank the Department of Justice Canada for supporting our ideas and providing the funding to develop this site, and translate the site into French. Without your support this would not have been possible.

BOOST greatly appreciates the support of our colleagues both locally and across the country, who took the time to review the site and to send us their comments, suggestions and kudos!

We want to acknowledge the on-going support we receive from the Victim Services Secretariat of Ontario, Ministry of the Attorney General for our Child Victim Witness Program.

BOOST wishes to thank the program staff who worked together with Team Aksis to ensure that the content was accurate, informative and engaging to children. Special thanks to Barb McIntyre, Sharon Hart and Karyn Kennedy for their hard work.

Finally, we want to dedicate this site to the many children, youth and families who must go through the criminal justice system every day.  We have learned a great deal from your experiences and this knowledge has helped us to understand what is important for you in understanding the legal system and how it works.  Without you this site would not have been possible.  We want to thank you for your courage and strength.


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